Yes I’m at Starbucks and on the Internet because the Internet at my house is moving at a snails pace. I’m looking up the top stylist since styling is something that I’m interested in getting a job in and the more I look into it the more I just want to start working!!! But the trend seems to be that everyone has their degree so I’m stuck in school. I’m pretty lucky though I go to a great school called Savannah College of Art and Design and its awesome. I switched colleges and didn’t know what I wanted to do but am happy that I get to do a degree that involves learning more about the fashion and art world. Fashion Marketing and Management is what it’s called and so far so good! I am just getting into the core classes of my major which is exciting and only have about a year and a half to go!

I’m scared and excited all at the same time that school is almost over and unsure of where I will be. I want to work for an awesome stylist like Kate young or be an assistant at Vogue but its intimidating when you see all the other people around you who look so much cooler and have awesome internships. Something that I just saw that Anna Wintour said who was doing an interview with Forbes is, “Don’t worry about what the people around you are doing jus focus on what you need to accomplish.”

It’s this constant back and forth of emotions of feeling that I can do it then looking at others and realizing I have so much more to learn. I guess that’s life though and for me I never want to stop learning. So bring it on and help me to have the determination to go out there and get my dream job when school finally ends!