There was another big sale at J.Crew this past weekend and yes, I fell for it. The whole reason of me getting a job was to save money but it’s challenging when you love clothes and shoes and bags and bracelets…Ahhh!!! I have a real problem. The shirt is linen and I am in love with stripes and felt it was perfect for the summer days. The socks are just something I love to get when I see a fun pair and these are SO CUTE! Last but not least the shoes are something I am really excited about since they are surprisingly comfortable! Just wore them out last night and my feet felt great! Something that I haven’t found in a high heel since this shoe and is the reason why I usually dislike heels! But these are great and am excited about the blue which will go with a lot of things in my closet! There are two more items that I ended up getting and will show those as soon as I snap of picture of them but I am telling myself that I need to stop buying and start creating with what I already have!

Shirt, Socks and Shoes: J.Crew Factory