It’s Hot Outside! (and inside)


Dress:Anthropology, Shoesies: Prabal Garung for Target


Sunday Shopping



Recently got a retail job at the J.Crew factory store and am now buying lots of J.Crew due to my awesome employee discount!!! There was a sale going on so decided to buy some basics to replace some things that were worn out. I am really getting into buying a couple of sizes bigger to get the loose look in my t-shirts and things. Love the not trying too hard look and by getting a size or two bigger it is easier to achieve this!

Parrot Dress




Due to temperature rises it’s time to break out the summer dresses! As you can see I’m learning how to be in front of the camera but wanted to show off one of my favorite summer dresses! I bought this at a thrift store two summers ago now (wow! time flies!) and loved the colorful parrots that reminded me to be happy! It is still getting a little chilly at night so threw on a light jacket. I am not entirely sold on how it looks with this dress but am experimenting and will see what else might look better. The shoes were a recent buy from the sale section of J.Crew and am loving these nifty sneakers!

Also on another note, I’m letting my hair go into it’s natural state. Have always tried to straighten my hair to look like everybody else and think it’s time that I take the natural route and enjoy the time that I’m not wasting doing my hair (at least for now). Curly hair is a challenge but am inspired by people like Pamela Love who just let their hair be but still manage to look super chic.

Dress: Dechoes Resale Jacket: XXII Shoes: J.Crew for Superga

Travel Tips for NYC

(Things I want to remember next time I go to NYC in cold weather)

1. Pack a staple jacket that’s warm and versatile that can go from day to night


2. Pack a light purse since your going to be carrying it all day the longer you walk the heavier your purse gets.


3. Wear comfortable shoes that keep you warm!


4. Layer Up! It only takes one of these Uniqlo shirts to keep you warm under you shirt and jacket! They’re amazing!


These are the tips for next year that I definitely want to apply since the cold weather is on it’s way out and warm weather is soon to come!

Coat, Purse, Boots, Layers

What’s She Wearing?

ImageImageThat’s right complete luxury is what I’m wearing- pleather pants and thrift store boots from the Salvation army with a new gap t-shirt that I saw on sale and a cotton on sweater I got for ten bucks topped off by an urban outfitters scarf. The bracelets are j.crew and goldfinch boutique a little store in St. Augustine, FL.  No my clothes and accessories aren’t high end but I’m trying. One day I’ll be able to afford some cool designer clothes but for now this is what I got and I’m trying to work it. I love fashion and how it makes you feel and am going to document my journey from daily outfits to what I covet. So come along on the journey with me (Sarah Paris) and see what happens!