Sunday Shopping



Recently got a retail job at the J.Crew factory store and am now buying lots of J.Crew due to my awesome employee discount!!! There was a sale going on so decided to buy some basics to replace some things that were worn out. I am really getting into buying a couple of sizes bigger to get the loose look in my t-shirts and things. Love the not trying too hard look and by getting a size or two bigger it is easier to achieve this!


Denim Day

I’ve decided to not put so much pressure on myself for not having the coolest pictures and just have this blog to document the good and bad outfits I put together each day. Instagramming it up all the way baby!

It’s was hard enough to start this blog seeing that there are so many bloggers out there that are so amazing and are making millions! To me, it’s not about being so cool with my blog that I will eventually make money off of it. Well that’s the kind of pressure I was putting on myself to begin with but let’s get real sure I could learn how to pose and look like I kinda sort of know what I’m doing and have awesome pictures but I want this to just be a simple process and to be fun and to one day show my kids what crazy clothes I wore and we’ll laugh. Now if I do start to make money off this for some strange reason I won’t be opposed but for now I’m going to keep it simple and enjoyable! That’s what it’s supposed to be right? And to all the amazing blogs out there, I’m inspired by you! You make me want to buy all of your outfits and bags and shoes and jewelry…. Jeez could stop being so amazing and give us a break??? Just kidding, keep it up amazing bloggers! Maybe one day I will learn a few tips and be as cool as you.

Shirt:j.crew, pants: target, shoes: old navy, purse: coach (found it in my moms closet)

Magical Dresses


It’s that time of year for me where I feel like everything in my closet is ugly and want to revamp the old wardrobe. I also have put on a few pounds and my pants are fitting a little tighter than I like so threw on a dress. Definitely need to get into the workout mode again have been really bad about it for the last few months. Just typing this is painful because I realize I need to get off my lazy bum and do some exercise! So here’s to a spring challenge!

Back to the dress I love that you can feel beautiful in a dress at whatever weight your at because it hides a multitude of sins. This one in particular is a knit and has some stretch to it which is doubly awesome and got it from anthropolgie one of my favorite stores!

The shoes are the supergas that I posted earlier that are proving to be some of the most comfortable tennis shoes that I have owned! Go get some here!

Parrot Dress




Due to temperature rises it’s time to break out the summer dresses! As you can see I’m learning how to be in front of the camera but wanted to show off one of my favorite summer dresses! I bought this at a thrift store two summers ago now (wow! time flies!) and loved the colorful parrots that reminded me to be happy! It is still getting a little chilly at night so threw on a light jacket. I am not entirely sold on how it looks with this dress but am experimenting and will see what else might look better. The shoes were a recent buy from the sale section of J.Crew and am loving these nifty sneakers!

Also on another note, I’m letting my hair go into it’s natural state. Have always tried to straighten my hair to look like everybody else and think it’s time that I take the natural route and enjoy the time that I’m not wasting doing my hair (at least for now). Curly hair is a challenge but am inspired by people like Pamela Love who just let their hair be but still manage to look super chic.

Dress: Dechoes Resale Jacket: XXII Shoes: J.Crew for Superga