Outfit for the day

Outfit for the day

Yes, I know this looks a little hot for the summer heat but since I work indoors it’s a little chilly so compensated by wearing the jacket and jeans.


Parrot Dress




Due to temperature rises it’s time to break out the summer dresses! As you can see I’m learning how to be in front of the camera but wanted to show off one of my favorite summer dresses! I bought this at a thrift store two summers ago now (wow! time flies!) and loved the colorful parrots that reminded me to be happy! It is still getting a little chilly at night so threw on a light jacket. I am not entirely sold on how it looks with this dress but am experimenting and will see what else might look better. The shoes were a recent buy from the sale section of J.Crew and am loving these nifty sneakers!

Also on another note, I’m letting my hair go into it’s natural state. Have always tried to straighten my hair to look like everybody else and think it’s time that I take the natural route and enjoy the time that I’m not wasting doing my hair (at least for now). Curly hair is a challenge but am inspired by people like Pamela Love who just let their hair be but still manage to look super chic.

Dress: Dechoes Resale Jacket: XXII Shoes: J.Crew for Superga

340 Broughton St

Since I go to SCAD in Savannah I love discovering new places to shop so will be sharing the places I like to peek into every once in a while to look at their fun frocks and to be inspired by what they are choosing for each season.

The shop featured this week is ARC

arcIt has effortless basics and fun books to put on your coffee table.

Here’s the website if you wanna take a peek but going into the store is a real treat!


Denim Fever





Wow, I’ve been bad about posting on here but here’s my outfit for today. I finally got a pair of these gap boyfriend jeans that I have been coveting and am so excited to have a pair of jeans that I feel really great in. I know, I know Gap isn’t the in thing to wear right now but they are so comfortable and were at a great price and exactly what I was envisioning in a pair of jeans so don’t knock em till you’ve tried them!

♥ sarah

PS. Thank you weather for being so beautiful right now!

shirt+jacket=forever21, jeans=gap, purse=my moms vintage coach bag she let me use!, shoes=madewell